Micro-Timber Residence

Drama Center

Vida-McKenzie Community Center

Riverivew House

For the Sake of Art

Backyard Timber Porch

Saltbox Farmhouse

A Porch to Be

Organic Farm HQ

WaterShed Mixed UseĀ 

Extra-Passive House

Bungalow Addition

Playa Artist Retreat

Hillside woodshed

Sunshine Acres Kitchen

Technology Center

Details in the Woods

Basement Bathroom

Paisley Historical Home

NW Mediterranean Renovation

Weekend Woodshed

School Master Plan

Condo in the Hills

Summer Lake Residence Metals

Baker St. Pathways

Farm Scrabble

School Garden Wall

Vine Maple Residence

Showroom Table

Seating for a Master

Railings, Gates, & Fences

A Box for Whelps

Urban Growth Bench