Brendan Ladd

I graduated from the University of Oregon School of Architecture in 2021, but have been designing and building since I obsessed over Lego projects as a child. I have also studied Passive House design extensively, and am now on track to become a licensed architect in 2024.

A riverside art studio I both designed and helped build

In High School, I studied architecture because it synthesized my interests in arts, crafts and physics. Architecture is the ideal umbrella of artistic and scientific fields which gives almost everything I become interested in relevancy and knowledge that becomes useful later. I’ve always loved to challenge myself with projects that require learning new skills, and I enjoy using those skills to help make people’s lives both easier and more meaningful. I’m honored to work in a discipline that has been the principal form of human expression for thousands of years.

When I’m not working with Voussoir, you might find me designing and building van conversions or ADUs, working on residential or commercial construction projects, consulting on off-grid energy system development, playing chess, reading classical literature, or doing some knitting.

Van conversion I both designed and helped build

visiting my Sister in New Jersey

I’m fascinated by all aspects of architecture. And I hope to remain involved in every part of it throughout my career, from window installations to city planning.