Sunshine Acres Kitchen

This kitchen was in dire need of an update in 2003 when I was involved with a substantial addition to the small house as a second child was on the way. I became friends with the owners and we kept in touch, ultimately returning to design and oversee the construction of this renovation a decade later. The kids were now in middle and high school, but there was still time to enjoy this as a family. The kitchen with its new breakfast nook nestled into the windows went from a nearly despised space to a charming one, endowed with a personable character fitting with the rest of the house.

We salvaged the existing cabinets as they had some charm to them and were constructed of higher quality wood products. Fitting new hardware onto them required some craftsmanship for the drawers in particular, but it worked well, and with a new oil-base finish, they are set to last for a very long time. The white oak wood floor made for a extension from the rest of the house.

New windows were expertly crafted by Northwest Door and Sash, and thanks to a precise field assessment by them it was not necessary to cut exterior plaster at all in their retrofitting.