Basement Bathroom

This basement bathroom was not supposed to have a shower originally, just a 1/2 bath. However once the work began, one owner who was in pregnant at the time started asking about the possibility of adding a shower. This is a 1948 home of ample size, and its biggest shortcoming for this growing family with frequent grandparent visitations was living with a single bathroom.

Initially, I was reluctant to suggest expanding the project as we already had our hands full trying to budget the larger addition we were planning for the upper two floors. However, we were all happy about this change, because it turned into a nice space that even fits the period with its palette of whites, tightly nested conditions, and the rhythm of the tile.

This revised plan we submitted to the city after initial the permitting shows an the adjoining playroom where light was captured through an existing basement window opening.

The tile contractor was very kind in letting me select the accent locations for the floor, and even in allowing a complete change in the ceiling tile to a diagonal pattern using square tile to help balance the rhythm of the space and to play with the light coming across the ceiling.