Riverview House

Conceived by a couple seeking a world-class view while hedging their bet against possible flooding with an understory putting them nearly an entire floor above the official floodplain, this house aimed to be modern in its assembly with a crisp mix of steel and wood. 

Set mere inches from the edge of the mapped floodway on a former golf course, views are expansive. Thoughtfully detailed steel lends an airy feel to the porches.

Views from inside are well-connected to the outside through the continuous decking that almost seamlessly transitions to the expansive eaves.

The square-edge 4x decking supplied by a local mill in lieu of rafters here was installed with great care by Six Degrees Construction, and the result is incredibly soothing as a finish product. 

An up-close view in the loft shows what a nice combination of enclosure and prospect is provided by the relationship.

The circular stair is a much-appreciated component of the scheme, providing comfortable access to the loft, and a sculptural element in the middle of the house.

and the loft is popular with everyone

The open plan kitchen below engages the entire spatial plan

Like so many projects, this was by no means an easy one: interest rates, inflation, high construction costs, and uniquely modern detailing all challenged various team members, but the result is a successful collaboration that embodies the owners vision.

The front porch is a mix of steel and concrete slab pavers with galvalume pans to divert the runoff below

All of the soils from the excavation were saved to create a ramp up to the back porch, and the immediate utility became apparent for final construction items, furnishings, and as an accessible bit of futureproofing.

Quality craftsmanship gives the modern detailing a solid and timeless feel.

The home is also wrapped in continuous insulation, has a large solar array, and the ability to plug in a generator to a critical loads panel--all features that have enhanced resilience and been appreciated in the very first year of occupancy.