A Porch to Be

After years renovating and adding onto a ranch house along the river, it was time for a proper front porch. With the south-facing exposure this provides much needed respite from summer sun inside, and a great place to enjoy the front yard from.

All of the existing constraints were tight, but we negotiated spatial relations and seating areas together and the result is a cozy and functional space that eases the transition to the yard and also provides the refuge and prospect opportunities of a proper porch.

During design we shared ideas through sketching over drone images and tested the final concept with a mockup to be sure it fit.

It was a substantially interesting structure to see built, with its single post and far end hovering above the bay window. Finish details were developed from design phase concepts as the work came together

Ample landscape design and integration was the final (and critical) touch where the owners took the lead

In the end the material palette is humble and integrated, a backdrop for family and nature, but an important one to round out the essence of a wonderful home.