Jeem Elliott

My name is Jeem Elliott, and I'm an interior designer. I’m Thai, and worked professionally at design firms and independently in Bangkok for many years before moving to the U.S. When our child was born as a preemie, I decided to be a full-time mom. However, I still helped Jesse with some design work, as it is work I really enjoy. 

When designing, in addition to how spaces look, I always consider how rooms will be used with furniture, what might go on the walls, how they are lit, and even how they will be maintained. 

I work with many different materials and media. The following are tile designs for a Columbian client wanting durable durable surfaces and lively colors in the pacific NW so her home would feel more alive and engaging.

As for my free time (if I have any) I like to make unique hand-stitched quilts. Most of them take months to finish and one of them I started in 2008 is still not finished yet!