Baker St. Pathways

This steep site required a safer way to circumnavigate the house, and an extensive network or steps and handrails was the perfect fit. We had juniper milled up for the riser boxes and for planters in an appropriate size: structural, but not too wide to allow the gravel fill behind nosings to provide traction.

During this project we also developed a paint color scheme for the house to give it a vibrance in the landscape without being dull or dreary, and the painting occurred as the steps and rail were completed. The goal was to complement the color of the surrounding greenery in an enlivening way, and working with the existing vinyl window color made this challenging as it ruled out many color options.

The handrails are Alaskan Yellow Cedar on oiled steel posts.

In the end, a joyful way to circumnavigate the yard was established, and it has been holding up well.

The raw materials during construction: Juniper treads and sideboards, Juniper stakes for the tread boxes, and 1/4-10 gravel mixed w/3/4" open crushed rock: